Responsible Gaming

Just as with any other activity in life, casino games have the potential to become addictive. It’s essential to recognize that the issue lies not in the casinos themselves or their services, like pokies, card games, and live dealer tables, but in the ability of individuals to set healthy boundaries. This concept, known as responsible gaming, revolves around enjoying casino games as a form of entertainment while understanding that they involve an element of chance.

Should you resonate with signs of addiction or if your loved ones notice a problem, rest assured that there are dedicated institutions and professionals available to offer support. Remember, seeking help is a courageous step – you’re never alone in this journey!

Our Commitment to Responsible Gambling

At, our commitment to social responsibility drives us to provide players with top-notch information not only about the finest online casinos in Australia but also about responsible gambling practices and how to uphold them. We aim to guide you in enjoying casino games safely, setting game limits, identifying potential addiction, seeking help, and safeguarding yourself from the pitfalls of compulsive gambling.

Guidelines for Responsible Gambling

In essence, responsible gambling entails maintaining control over your casino experience and being mindful of your gaming habits. The goal is to keep it enjoyable and treat it as you would any other recreational activity. It’s crucial to grasp that casino games, such as online pokies, are classified as ‘games of chance,’ where winning or losing is determined by probability and luck rather than skill.

Once you understand this fundamental aspect, you’ll be better equipped to cope with losses, knowing that they are an inherent part of the game. The golden rule is to adopt a perspective that says, “It was a fun time, but now it’s time to move on.” To assist our players, our team of experts has outlined some responsible gambling tips below.

Choosing a Trustworthy Casino

The first step is to steer clear of suspicious or unlawful casinos. Such platforms often disregard player well-being and employ unfair tactics to extract money. At, we undertake thorough assessments and offer honest casino reviews, ensuring that players access credible casinos that provide reliable information about responsible gambling practices.

Setting Personal Limits

Given that certain activities can be engrossing, it’s easy to lose track of time – whether it’s a workout, a chat with friends, binge-watching TV shows, or playing pokies. To prevent this when gambling, consider using a timer or setting a financial cap. Online casinos that accept banking options like Skrill or ecoPayz allow you to establish daily, weekly, and monthly spending limits, offering better control over your finances.

Reviewing Gaming History

Our recommended Australian online casinos offer a gaming history feature, enabling players to monitor their activities. Regularly reviewing this history can provide valuable insights into your spending patterns and game preferences. For instance, if you’re uncertain about your expenditures at live dealer tables, the gaming history feature can help you make informed decisions about whether they align with your preferences.

Openness and Communication

Playing at online casinos should be embraced openly and without stigma. There’s no need to keep it a secret from friends or family. Instead, be confident about your choices and challenge misconceptions surrounding online casinos. Invite your friends to join you in poker or blackjack rooms, fostering an enjoyable gaming experience while also benefiting from the support of those around you.

Taking Breaks

Responsible gambling also entails recognizing when it’s time to take a step back. If you feel that your gaming habits are spiraling out of control, utilize the self-exclusion function offered by online casinos. This option prevents you from accessing your casino account or placing bets for a specific duration. You decide the length of the exclusion, empowering you to regain control.

Understanding the Risks of Problem Gambling

Problem gambling poses several substantial risks:

Strain on Relationships

Excessive gambling often strains personal relationships as individuals resort to lies to conceal their gambling habits. Problem gamblers may also avoid social gatherings to continue gambling, and frequently request loans to support their habit, placing additional pressure on relationships.

Financial Hardships

Engaging in gambling beyond your disposable income can result in severe financial and legal consequences. These may include asset repossession and bankruptcy, leading to substantial financial burdens.

Impact on Wellbeing

Problem gambling and its associated consequences often lead to deteriorating mental and emotional wellbeing. While the extent varies, it can lead to episodes of depression and even thoughts of suicide.

Seeking Help

Should you suspect that you or someone you care about is grappling with a gambling problem, there are resources available for prompt assistance in Australia.

For immediate guidance, consult these websites:




National Debt Helpline

If you require instant support, don’t hesitate to contact the following helplines:

– Lifeline Australia: 13-11-14

– GambleAware: 1800-858-858

– Free Financial Counselling: 1800 007 007

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